Bottom line results that generates shareholder value through the implementation of operational efficiencies


End to end projects capturing operational opportunities creating long lasting results


Automated user friendly tools developed with state of the art technology according to the company needs


We identify opportunities of improvement at the client´s operation, considering the input and validation of operational teams and proved diagnosis methodologies. This way we ensure all operational aspects are considered and true benefits opportunities diagnosed.


Less is more. Solutions are designed for a simple operation, validated by operational teams and implemented by our experts. All projects are based on business cases with positive NPV´s, covering implementation and return on investment aspects.


Our team participates actively on the implementation of the designed solutions implementation, closing all existing gaps ensuring results will be reached.


We deliver automated tools created with cutting edge technology. With our experience on developing automated tools, we deliver tools developed on the user experience.

Our Latest Projects

Maintenance efficiency in heavy Capex industry, increasing productivity and safety, reducing cost. Using Lean Six Sigma methodology, we develop several activities with maintenance teams, including Kaizen Workshops and Problem Solving sessions to improve processes.

Why choose us?

We are a team composed by experts in change management, LEAN Six Sigma and technological developers. We have more than 5 years developing and implementing solutions for clients in Chile and Brazil, our experts connect with client teams, understand their culture, develop and implement solutions, and deliver the right tool that enables to capture generated value in time.